The New Solar Stratus Roof Lanterns Entering The Market

What Are The Advantages Of Using Solar Stratus Roof Lanterns?

Solar stratus roof lanterns are becoming a more and more popular option for homes, with an increasing number of major retailers stocking their own designs and versions for people to install in their house to create an attractive and practical light feature.

There are many advantages to installing solar lanterns too – this form of lighting brings numerous benefits not only the environment but to you and your house also. These range from the most practical of reasons to benefits you never even thought you were getting!

The first advantage of using solar lanterns is that they are environmentally friendly. By harnessing the natural power of the sun – even in not-so-sunny Great Britain – it is possible to illuminate a garden or exterior sufficiently to be safe and to see clearly if you are walking outside at night or relaxing on your deck or patio.

Stratus roof lanterns

Eco-Friendly To The Environment

This type of light also does not emit any kind of harmful gases or substances which can be the case with other forms of exterior lighting. In addition to this, solar lanterns are very practical, storing up energy from sunlight on a bright day for use on a duller day and at night. Solar lanterns are effective at intelligently using energy, meaning the environment and you both benefit.

The advantages of stratus roof lanterns are not only restricted to the environment. Another key feature that attracts people to invest in these products is the fact that they are very cost-effective. Even though the best products come with a good quality battery for storage and backup, there is no need for the frequent battery replacement that is common with other lights.

How These Lanterns Keep Their Longevity

These lanterns will also generally last for a long time, unlike other lighting options such as candles or oil burners. This does, however, vary by manufacturer – make sure you buy your stratus roof lanterns from a reputable company that offers a warranty and quality customer service, in order to make sure your solar lanterns won’t stop working after a disappointingly short period of time.

How To Install A Skylight Correctly

Roof light lanterns are also very easy and safe to install compared to other forms of lighting. They are, in fact, ideal for those with few technical skills who would otherwise have to spend a lot of money to pay for proper installation of a mains light fixture. In addition to solar lanterns, solar wall lights are great as an illuminating safety feature for those moving around outside at night.

Solar stratus roof lanterns can also be installed pretty much anywhere, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you have already cemented your driveway or installed your perimeter fence. With a huge range of adaptable solar lanterns available on the market, you are sure to find one that can be easily installed in your existing environment, be it with a spike, a bracket or a shelf.

Safety Around Children

The safety of installation comes from that fact that status roof lanterns are generally very low voltage, meaning these are less risky to use than other options. This can make them a great option for those with young children or those who are concerned about handling and installing electrical products on their own.

Final Conclusion

These are only some of the many advantages of investing in roof light lanterns to illuminate your exterior spaces. Ranging from the ease and safety of installation to the considerable cost savings you can make, there is no good reason why not to consider making solar-powered lights a permanent fixture in your home.

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4 Tips When Purchasing A Bespoke Industrial Round Table

Can A Bespoke Industrial Round Table Transform Your Home?

Choosing the correct Bespoke Industrial Round Table can easily transform the aesthetics of your dining room space, but finding the perfect one can be a tricky job. This blog contains helpful tips on choosing the correct size, shape and style to best suit your home or business.

1.Think About The Main Purpose Of The Table

In the majority of homes, the dining table usually serves multiple functions, it is not just used to serve meals. Deciding on the tables primary function will depend on if the table will act as the main principle table, i.e used for meals, study or general day to day tasks.  It is imperative that you pick a table that is not only your style choice but fits into the lifestyle around it.

  1. Bespoke Industrial Round Table

    Consider Your Room Size When Deciding On Table Shape

We have found from our observations and research that furniture looks most appealing when it easily fits into the correct shape of the actual living room, so make sure the dining table you pick, fits the shape. Opting for a more rounder Bespoke Industrial Round Table is ideal if the space you are trying to fill is smaller. As most of these tables come with a pedestal base without having legs attached, therefore make the perimeter of the room appear bigger. Round circular tables are fantastic for creating a more intimate atmosphere, especially when hosting small parties. However, when according more than six people is it more advisable to think about possibly using a rectangle table, as a round circular table can make it more difficult for people at opposite sides to talk and communicate with each other.

  1. Make Measurements

The correct measuring of space before picking your dining table will make sure space around easily has enough room for guests adding comfort. The standard rule when determining the best table size for space is to ensure there are at least 36 inches between your wall/other furniture and table to allow diners to move around and get up comfortably (however 42-48 is better and creates a more spacious feel.

It is vital to measure the space you need before choosing the dining table. The standard rule of thumbing when deciding the correct table size is to ensure that 36 inches are between the wall and table. This allows for people to easily fit under the table. However, going up to 48 inches makes even more room.

To dine in a more comfortable manner, it is best to allow each person seating up to 25 inches of the table surface. See below the bullet points for each accurate measurements;

  • A 74-inch long rectangular table will seat eight
  • A 95-inch long rectangular table will seat ten
  • A 125-inch long rectangular table will seat twelve
  • A 36-48 inch round (diameter) table will seat six.
  • A 60 inch round (diameter) table will  seat seven
  • A 72 inch round (diameter) table will seat ten.
  1. Choose your Style

We suggest that you decide a style that already complements our existing furniture. This will help you start off with a good direction. A Bespoke Industrial Round Table made of wood fit in a home that is going for a traditional natural look, especially with furniture that is mahogany or brown. A lighter toned room such as white or cream will look better with lighter wood tints such as oak or pine

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